I don’t recommend this type of gambling I do it very rarely just for fun, but when you hit big and the timing is right this can happen, ****UPDATE as of April28th, I kept playing for a few days, I ended up cashing out around 20k profit !!!!!!!!!! ty to God all my dawgz..*****new update 25kusd total profit so far as of April 30th, 🙂 between sports and roulette and some cash game 1-2 plo8 all on party poker n casino !!!!!!!!……*******Final update Total win around 20k spewed some off, DO NOT MIX this type of gambling with poker it is horrible for BRM and Focus, Play ever few months for fun and take shots to win big and know when to walk away,….November 3rd 2021 update on this video and my thoughts on it, Ok so like I said I started cashing out 3k usd at a time as that was the max amount for certain cashout methods on party, and I was continuing to play roulette and bet sports with the profits from the roulette to avoid tilting off a large amount at any given time on roulette, So a few days after this video I won like 6k on roulette in like 5 minutes playing like 700$ spins, At one point I counted all of my cashouts and all of my sports bets and what was in my account and all together I was up around $33,000 USD, I had one bad night where I lost like 7k while playing drunk and not walking away when the wheel was cold, At the end when all was said and done I walked with about $22,000 or around that much profit total, one thing people need to know about this type of casino gambling is a win can be very dangerous for certain people, This type of win is an extremely addictive high that is hard to describe and most people will never get to experience it, The thing is, if you end up getting super lucky like I did and win 20-30k what makes you think you will just cash it out and never go back and try again, Thats why some people who win big when they first start gambling become extreme addicts, it’s a high that is pretty much better than most drugs, (I know I have tried them) so keep that in mind, Even if you get lucky enough to put a streak like this together it might not be a good thing for you, you might win 25k then you might lose 100k back trying to re-live that feeling, I have been doing gambling like this for years so I know when to walk away and I also know when to stay away, So my point is, this is very addictive to win money like this so be extremely careful, and this type of streak is rare so don’t sit there and think this is easy, Ive had many losing sessions over the years too, anyways those are my final thoughts on the video, If you really enjoy gambling my advice is learn poker a game which you can actually get good at and make steady profit and be in control of your destiny.