US Sports Betting & Online Gambling Update from the AGA

We speak with Casey Clark, Senior Vice President for Strategic Communications at the American Gaming Association, about the current US sports betting market, it’s growth, and how the pandemic may have actually helped the industry. Conversation also includes how mobile sports betting could help the growth of US online gambling.

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Video Chapters:
▪️ 00:00 – US Sports Betting & G2E Intro
▪️ 00:43 – The Pandemic and Online Sports Betting
▪️ 01:07 – Sports Betting Opinions in America
▪️ 02:16 – The Regulation of US Sports Betting
▪️ 04:01 – Mobile Sports Betting & US Online Gambling

US Sports Betting & Online Gambling Update:
The American Gaming Association’s annual national survey of Americans’ US sports betting plans for football shows that a record 45.2 million Americans will wager on the 2021 NFL Season, up 36 percent from the 2020 NFL season.

While US sports betting and wagering on the NFL is projected to be up across all wagering methods, betting with online sports books is expected to see the largest increase over 2020 while illegal bookies are expected to see the slowest growth. Expanded sports betting legalization and high fan enthusiasm for the season are driving the record number of Americans planning to bet on the NFL in 2021. Since the kick off of the 2020 NFL season, the number of legal U.S. sports betting jurisdictions has grown from 19 to 24, allowing more than 111 million Americans to place a legal wager in their home state.

Meanwhile, 25 percent of Americans say they are more excited about the upcoming season compared to previous seasons, up from 18 percent last year. The survey also demonstrates US sports betting value to the league, with 37 percent of NFL fans planning to wager on this year’s NFL season, including nearly half (47%) of self-described avid NFL fans. Further, 44 percent of all Americans and 63 percent of NFL fans believe that in-venue sports books will add entertainment value to attending sporting events in-person.

Along with the expansion of the legal market, increased fan enthusiasm will also drive NFL betting this year, as 25 percent of Americans say they are more excited about the upcoming season than previous seasons, up from 18 percent last year.

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